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Bobs, Brush, and Brittanies coverBobs, Brush, and Brittanies
by Joel Vance

Longtime outdoor columnist Joel Vance brings a sharp focus to his work in this collection of tales about just what the title implies. Interspersed with his thoughts on the best quail guns and other necessary equipment are stories about hunting Missouri farms and dining on the quarry. He explores canine olfactory capacity, quail habitat, dog training, and even the health of the hunter, all done in a reflective manner rather than an instructive or analytical one.

I've yet to find a complete book on quail hunting, one with every detail of every aspect of the sport, but this one is a step in that direction. Vance touches on nearly all facets of quail hunting with sage insight on each. Although it could be beneficial to someone writing a term paper, it is much more appopriate as a fireside companion.

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