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A High, Lonesome Call cover A High, Lonesome Call
by Robert Holthouser

Holthouser tells the tale of a trip some have taken and many dream of, loading a couple of dogs in the truck and setting off across the country to hunt birds. The stories within are not all about hunting - he takes the time to pepper the pages with the people he meets along the way. I once heard an interview in which Jimmy Buffett marveled at how real life provides material that is stranger than fiction, and if you don't believe that you should read this book.

It doesn't fall short of birds and dogs and hunting, however. I'm a flatlander for the most part and these tales of mountains and valleys stir my imagination and spark entries in that "to do before I die" list. Holthouser, who also write under the name Tred Slough, writes in a style that particularly appeals to me. He has the unique ability to perfectly describe a setting or a series of events with a minimum of words, choosing carefully enough to not detract from the mental images he creates. It's a fine story for those who have wandered and those with wanderlust.

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