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Orvis Shotgun Maint. coverThe Orvis Field Guide to Shotgun Care & Maintenance
by Tom Morrow

I bought this handy little text on the recommendation of Larry Brown, noted bird dog and wingshooting author. The book covers all of the necessary procedures required to keep a shotgun, new or old, in good working condition. The techniques and tools are discussed in a straighforward, layman-friendly manner and should be sufficient to get you and your firearm through each season in fine fashion.

This book is written for the hunter, not the aspiring gunsmith, and the reader is frequently reminded of this. Guns are much more complicated mechanisms than many of us would like to admit, and a single text, particularly one geared toward general care and maintenance, cannot possibly cover every shotgun in enough detail to enable an average hunter to become his own gunsmith.

That said, this is an excellent text for the hunter who prefers to keep his shotguns in good working condition without a visit to the gunsmith after every hunt. It contains appropriate warnings that should keep any intelligent man out of trouble, and is concise enough to get you through a thorough cleaning and oiling without weeks of study.

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