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Training Pointing Dogs coverTraining Pointing Dogs
by Paul Long

This one is subtitled 'All The Answers to All Your Questions', and while I feel it stops short of answering all of your questions, it does cover the ones that tend to give most dog owners and trainers trouble. Long skips the fluff and gets right to the point, covering a lot of ground in fewer than 100 pages without leaving holes in his message. He makes no pretense that every problem is solvable and that every dog is a champion in the making, which if taken to heart would save many owners from frustration and many dogs from the often harsh consequences of an owner's frustration.

I once heard a man say that he'd raised four kids on the advice in Paul Long's book. Now I never met a single one of those kids, so I can't vouch for the effectiveness of this tactic, but the man seemed proud enough of the way they'd turned out and I think his statement vouches for the merits of a straighforward approach. Especially for the person short on time, this book is a valuable tool in the trainer's vest.

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