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Recall Pen Plans

Of all the questions, comments, and suggestions I receive via e-mail, the most common is a request for recall pen plans. Since this is not a retail site, I direct these inquiries to several sources, and in an effort to "cut out the middle man", in this case me, I've listed the sources below.

Having never built any of these pens or bought any of these plans, I can offer no recommendations or warnings. These sources are offered caveat emptor (buyer beware, for those of you who never took Latin). I would, however, be interested in any experiences you may have, be they positive or negative.

Finally, if anyone knows of other sources, feel free to drop me line and I'll post them here. I'd be particularly interested in a set of free plans that could be offered as a direct download from this page.

Scott's Dog Supply
Plans for a 40"x48" pigeon house that holds 16 birds. A site visitor commented that the house is suitable for breeding.

Lion Country Supply
4'x4' and 8'x8' johnny house plans and plans for a pigeon loft. One site visitor built the pigeon loft and commented that it was relatively easy to build, but that the directions were not terribly easy to follow. He felt it was suitable for 8-12 birds and estimates he spent less than $75 on material.

Wing & Shot by Robert Wehle
The chapter on using released game to train dogs has some basic instructions, but no formal drawings, on constructing a recall pen that has worked well for Wehle. The instructions include a photograph and anyone with some rudimentary woodworking skills should be able to construct the pen. Even without the recall pen instructions, the book makes an excellent addition to any dog owner's library.

Best Way to Train Your Gun Dog: The Delmar Smith Method by Bill Tarrant
This book contains drawings and instructions for a recall pen.

The Ultimate Guide to Bird Dog Training by Jerome B. Robinson
I have not seen the plans in this book, but I've been told it contains a set for a quail recall pen.

A site visitor named Bill
Recently, I received the following e-mail, unsoliticited, from a reader:

I have been fooling with bird dogs and game birds for 30 years. I have compiled plans for equipment that works for me in south Alabama and western New York. They can be constructed with a minimum of skill and tools. I have a packet that includes plans for a johnny house, a range feeder, a feeder/recall pen and a call bird house. The cost is $25.00. Contact me at (334)222-2171. E-mail to

I have referred several people to Bill but have not heard any comments regarding the plans.

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