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Snakefoot coverSnakefoot: The Making of a Champion
by Bob Wehle

For a connoisseur of finely crafted books, this is a must have. It is beautifully bound, the pages feel smooth and solid, the photographs are clear and it even has that unique aroma common to all high quality publications. This is one book that truly can be judged by its cover. Wehle shares thoughts and lessons learned from over sixty years of breeding and training dogs, specifically his Elhew line of pointers, in a chronicle loosely based on the development of the field trial champion Elhew Snakefoot, the dog Wehle considers the epitome of his line.

The text offers a rare insight into the art and science of genetics as it applies to dogs, a subject on which Mr. Wehle is quite well-versed. Training is discussed as well, but not in the style of Wing & Shot. In keeping with the tone of the book, Wehle's sections on training are more reflection than step-by-step instruction. If you're looking for specifics on bird dog training, you would probably be happier with another book, but if you are a serious dog owner or trainer, this one should be a part of your library. (note: this book makes an excellent birthday or Christmas gift)

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