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Some sites reflect on the sport of hunting quail, some focus on how to hunt quail, some focus on how to breed quail, and some focus on how to manage your land for quail. This site brings files from all of these categories together and gives you a little bit of each, hopefully with a twist that you won't find anywhere else.

Just a few essentials of the bobwhite. Diet, habitat, reproduction, etc.

Hunting pen-raised birds
Many of us do not have the good fortune to hunt wild birds on a regular basis. But pen-raised quail can provide a tremendous amount of enjoyment if a few guidelines are followed...

Was that a covey I just passed?
How many times have you seen quail in the woods when you were walking along sans shotgun and bird dogs? Here are a few thoughts on why you seem to find more birds when you're not looking.

Defining Moments
Ever had one of those experiences that profoundly changes your outlook on hunting? This one made my top ten.

Civilized Indeed
Everyman's case for establishing the pursuit of bobwhites as the most refined type of hunting.

Covey Activity
A synopsis of the Albany Area Quail Management Project's study on factors that influence quail covey movement. Full text also available.

A Conversation with Quail Unlimited's Jerry Allen
The Director of National Operations for QU shares his thoughts on the bobwhite's past, present and future and his organization's role in the saga.

Shoeless Joe
What do the ghost of a famous baseball player and quail hunting have in common? A lot more than you might think.

The Quail Program Video
If you've ever had trouble with hop-along quail raised in a pen, Dale Davis may have your solution.

The future of our sport may not be so bleak.

Every sport has its bums.

First Generation Heirlooms
Every tradition has a beginning.

The good old days may be gone, but is that such a bad thing?.

One Lost Bird
It's just a bird...

Common Scents
Smell is the most powerful memory trigger.

Conservation Isn't Sexy
It's dirty work, but someone's got to do it.

Will It Work?
The NBCI is a tremendous plan, but what will it take to realize its potential?

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