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Anyone willing to spend time reading about bobwhites and bird dogs on the internet needs a backup, a source of inspiration and information for hours not spent in front of a glowing monitor. These are all books I have personally read, and the reviews are my opinions. Take these as you would a movie review by Rex Reed or Roger Ebert, a guide colored by my tastes and not something measured against a universal set of book review standards.

You'll not find any outright "stay away from this book at all costs" reviews here. It is my feeling that every book has something to offer, and I try to hit both pros and cons. You may click on the titles for more information including how to purchase a copy.


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For a Handful of Feathers coverFor a Handful of Feathers
by Guy de la Valdene
On Bobwhites coverOn Bobwhites
by Dr. Fred R. Guthery
Bobs, Brush, and Brittanies coverBobs, Brush, and Brittanies
by Joel Vance

Dogs and Dog Training

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Bird Dog cover Bird Dog: The Instinctive Training Method
by Ben O. Williams
Jenny Willow cover Jenny Willow
by Mike Gaddis
Wing & Shot coverWing & Shot
by Bob Wehle
Snakefoot coverSnakefoot: The Making of a Champion
by Bob Wehle
Gun Dog coverGun Dog
by Richard A. Wolters
Delmar Smith coverBest Way to Train Your Gun Dog: The Delmar Smith Method
by Bill Tarrant
Training Pointing Dogs coverTraining Pointing Dogs
by Paul Long
Zip Zap coverZip Zap
by Mike Gaddis
A High, Lonesome Call coverA High, Lonesome Call
by Robert Holthouser


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Orvis Shotgun Maint. coverThe Orvis Field Guide to Shotgun Care & Maintenance
by Tom Morrow
Shotguns for Upland Game coverHunter's Guide to Shotguns for Upland Game
by Terry Boyer

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